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Wednesday, June 1st

A Case of Fatal Angioedema With Blood Transfusion in a Patient Taking Ace-I

N. Hafsa MD
A. Akhund MD

A Case of Severe Ivermectin Toxicity Resulting in Coma

M. Sule MD
F. Mastroianni MD
G. Granati MD

A Case of Spontaneous Mitral Chordae Rupture During Exercise

G. Robinson MD
D. Nguyen MD
A. Hartman MD

A Case Report of Artery of Percheron Stroke Syndrome

P. Koul MD
J. Schneider DO
Z. Lodato BS
R. Libman MD

A Delayed Diagnosis of Congenital Myopathy in an Adolescent Female Presenting with Inflammatory Encephalitis

A. Cummings DO
B. Johnston MD

A Multidisciplinary Approach To The Removal Of A Difficult Foreign Body

R. Lerer MD

A Novel Mucosa Supported Surgical Guide for Dental Implant Placement

J. Odinsky DDS
S. Ciccio DDS
J. Sobota DMD, PhD
A. Neuwirth BE
S. Trahan BSE
T. Goldstein PhD
W. Stewart DDS, MPH

A Rare Case of Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage caused by Bupropion Inhalation

Z. Asghar MD
J. Anwar
F. Badar MD
Z. Kuschner MD

A Rare Case of Renal Minimal Change Disease in an Asymptomatic COVID 19 Patient post- MAB EUATherapy

Z. Abdulrahman MD
H. Azeez MD
Y. Abdelbaki MD
M. Abdulrahman MS
A. Kaell MD
N. Wadhwa MD

Acute Myopericarditis in the Setting of Crohn’s Colitis: Challenging Management Decisions

J. Daloya MD
A. Ashraf MD
A. Kaell MD
R. Perera MD

Amiodarone Toxicity: Impact on Quality of Life and Frailty

T. Dhansew DO
E. Sanchez Mendez MD
J. Lolis MD
P. Solomon MD

An Atypical Presentation of Type A Aortic Dissection in an Adolescent with SLE

P. Yoo MD
J. Burns MD
K. Mai MD
S. Mahajan MD
E. C. Mitchell MD
L. Castellanos Reyes MD

An interesting case of Paraneoplastic Opsoclonus Myoclonus Ataxia Syndrome in a patient with localized Merkel cell Carcinoma

F. Fayyaz MD

An Uncommon Cause of Chest Pain: Multiloculated Hepatic Abscess in a Patient with Strongyloides Stercoralis Infection

Y. Serrano Gomez MD
I. Aneke MD
F. Zonouzi-Zadeh MD
J. Mumford MD

An Unpredictable Diagnosis

E. Askar MD
R. Abukwaik
M. Ashkar

An Unusual Case of Hemorrhagic Pleuropericarditis After COVID-19 Vaccination

A. Javed MD
Y. Medina MD
J. Tian MD
G. Rojas-Marte MD

Axonal-Variant Guillian-Barre Syndrome Temporally Associated with mRNA-1273 SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine

V. Dalwadi DO
A. Ballout MD
D. Hancock MD
A. A. Ballout MD
A. Geraci MD

Bail-out Antegrade Transseptal Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement in Stenotic Degenerative Bioprosthetic Aortic Valve

L. Hou MD
P. Patel MD
B. Rutkin MD
L. Boutis MD
A. Lee MD

Bee Mindful in the Dental Setting

A. Skrobola DDS

Bilateral Globus Pallidus Lesions and Delayed Leukoencephalopathy in COVID-19

J. Rehrig DO
A. Ballout MD

Case Series of New-Onset Adverse CNS Immunological Events Temporally Associated with mRNA-based COVID-19 Vaccines

A. Ballout MD
A. Babaie DO
M. Kolesnik DO
N. Hameed MD
G. Waldman MD
F. Chaudhry MD
S. Saba MD
A. Harel MD
S. Najjar MD

Catheter-Directed Thrombolysis: Treatment of Acute Portal Vein Thrombosis

L. Muzangwa MD
K. Lien MD
V. Rana MD
M. Groth MD
A. Iftikhar MD

Causes and Management of Natal and Neonatal Teeth

K. Zheng DDS
K. Schultz DMD

Challenging Management of Fasting Hypoglycemia in a Patient with Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor and Lupus Nephritis

J. Fredrick MD, MPH
N. Tokhi DO candidate

Choreoathetosis in the setting of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Case report and review of the literature

Z. Awada MD

COVID-19: Moral and Ethical Implications for Orthopaedic Spine Surgeons

C. Min MD
C. Iturriaga DO
V. Wang

Dental Management for Intrusion of a Tooth with Immature Root Development

J. Irving DMD

Detection of Acute Gallbladder Disease via Tele-Physician-Guided Murphy Sign: A Case Series

N. Cozzi MD, MBA
Z. Dubin MD
B. McCarty MD
Z. Dubin MD

Detection of Neonatal Fever via Emergency Telemedicine: A Case Series

N. Cozzi MD, MBA
B. Racazk EM Administrative Fellow
Z. Dubin MD
D. Schwartz MD
B. McCarty MD
J. Berkowitz MD

Development of Latrogenic Hyperthyroidism due to Overtreatment of Myxedema Coma

M. Ahmad MD

Development of Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis in Bacterial Endocarditis

Y. Medina MD
A. Javed MD

Diagnosing Nitrous Oxide Poisoning

R. Anjum MD

Diagnosis and Management of Fibrous Dysplasia in the Pediatric Patient: Two Case Reports

S. Sau DDS

Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma in the Ampulla of Vater: A Rare Case Report

R. Hamadi MD
A. Kassem MD
Y. ElDoueihy MD

Ectopic Sebaceous Glands: Esophageal Acne in a Patient With Dyspepsia

K. Fatakhova MD
L. D'Souza MD

Endobronchial Chondroma: A Rare Case of Benign Tumor with Inadequately High SUV by the PET Interpretation

M. Assaad MD

Epipericardial Fat Necrosis: A Rare, Potential Complication of COVID-19 Pneumonia

J. You MD
L. Hou MD
S. Chatterjee MD
R. D. Bhansali MD

Epsilon Waves and Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death

J. McCullough DO
D. Goyal MD
A. Kaell MD
R. Perera MD

Euglycemic Diabetic Ketoacidosis in patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection: A case series

V. Rana MD
H. Yip MD
M. William MD
A. Weber MD
Z. Kuschner MD
F. Mastroianni MD

Evolocumab Treatment Failure Following Covid-19 MRNA Vaccination

B. Park MD
J. Makaryus MD
L. Boutis MD

First case report of pulmonary embolism with Zoster Sine Herpete

S. Sahra MD

From Commensal Bacterium to a Life-Threatening Pathogen, Staphylococcus lugdunensis

M. Abdulsada MD

Hall Crown Technique: Expanding Access to Dental Care

W. Mumma DDS

Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis Following Covid-19 mRNA Vaccination

V. Wu MD
C. Lopez MD
A. Hines MD
J. C. Barrientos MD

Hodgkin Lymphoma in a Child with Trisomy 21

M. Malik MD
J. Burns MD
A. Redner MD

HSV-2 Encephalitis Presenting with Chorea; Effects of infection alone or combination of infection and autoimmunity?

M. Kolesnik DO
A. Ballout MD
N. Hameed MD
S. Najjar MD

Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic State with Severe Hyperkalemia in an Adolescent with Chronic Kidney Disease

M. Yang MD
G. Fisler MD
L. Silver MD
A. Basalely MD
K. Murphy DO

Hypertriglyceridemia-Induced Acute Pancreatitis, Euglycemic Diabetic Ketoacidosis and COVID-19 Infection in A Patient with Type 2 Diabetes Taking a Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter 2 Inhibitor

Y. Ye MD
B. A. Acevedo-Mendez MD
N. Hajizadeh MD, MPH
A. Myers MD

Inter-facility Transport of an Intubated COVID-19 Patient in the Prone Position – Case Report and Review of the Literature

K. Kim MD
E. Perez MD
D. Frank MD
G. Garra DO

Isolated Aortic Thrombosis in COVID-19 Infection: A Review of Literature and Case Presentation

A. Kimyaghalam MD
A. Gabay MSIV
M. Fatemeh MD
W. Irwin MD

Late-presenting Cardiac Conduction Defects in a Patient with Kearns-Sayre Syndrome

M. Alston MD
P. Patel MD

Lesion Sterilization and Tissue Repair on Primary Molars

G. Peiravani DDS
K. Schultz DDS

Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis After COVID-19 Vaccination

Y. Serrano Gomez MD
B. Grella MD

Long Segment Intussusception in a 16-Year-Old Male

A. Leng Smith MD

Management of Acute Aortic Occlusion in a Morbidly Obese Smoker

T. Le MD
D. Roberts MS
A. Kimyaghalam MD
K. Singh MD

Medicating Chemo-induced Confusion with Methylene Blue

K. Tang MD
U. Aniagba MD
A. Shifteh MD

Merkel Cell Carcinoma Presenting as a Malignant Pleural Effusion Post-COVID-19 Hospitalization

J. Lanceta MD
M. Toprak MD

Mitigating Medication Delusions in an Older Adult with Schizophrenia

A. Walker MD
P. Solomon MD
E. Burns MD

Multiple Biliary Hamartomas: A Lesser Known Differential for Cystic Lesions of the Liver

F. Badar MD

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in a 22-year-old with COVID-19 infection

A. Javed MD
G. Rojas-Marte MD

Multivalvular Infective Endocarditis with Proteus Mirabilis

A. Bux DO

Nutritional Psychiatry: A Narrative Review of the Evidence and Case Report

J. Song MD

Oral and Physical Presentations of Scurvy in a 6-year-old Male

A. Green DDS
K. Schultz DMD

Oxycodone Abuse: An Atypical Cause of Limbic Encephalopathy

C. Nicotra DO
G. Santoro MD
S. Khan MD

Paraplegia with Venous Thrombosis Masquerading as Vitamin B12 Deficiency: A Sequelae of Undiagnosed Pernicious Anemia

I. Aneke MD
S. Guevara MD

Pediatric Sigmoid Volvulus: More Common Than Previously Reported?

E. Dean DO
S. Bitton MD
B. Sahn MD
J. Mait-Kaufman MD

Percutaneous Mechanical Thrombectomy with the Inari ClotTriever Device in a Pediatric Population

I. Rumball BS
K. Chen MD
N. Voutsinas MD
A. Noor MD

Postpartum Tubo-Ovarian Abscess (TOA) Caused by Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase-Producing E coli

S. Gobioff MD
E. Lehembre-Shiah MD
L. Bar-El MD
A. Katz MD

Potential Novel Liver Injury Developed 14 Weeks After Critical Course of Covid-19

K. Chin MD
T. Persaud MD
J. A. Raimo MD

Regeneration of a Fractured Mandibular Condyle

D. Omole DDS

Sexual Dysfunction in Female Secondary to Atorvastatin

H. Azeez MD
T. Nguyen MD
Z. Abdulrahman MD
M. Abdulrahman, MS

Streptococcus Gordonii Endocarditis in an 18-Year-Old Female with VACTERL Association

D. Di Caro DO
J. Burns MD
D. Lewis MD
E. Kwon MD
D. Meyer MD

Successful Bridge to Full Recovery in Fulminant Lymphocytic Myocarditis with VA-ECMO

L. Hou MD
P. Patel MD
J. Bhinder MD
L. Boutis MD

Successful Treatment of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Related Myocarditis with Colchicine

Y. Medina MD
A. Javed MD
J. Tian MD

Tenet of a Geriatrician: Reducing Polypharmacy to Optimize Functional Status

E. Sanchez Mendez MD
P. Solomon MD
H. Guzik MD

The Central Vein Sign: A Biomarker for Demyelination When All Else Fails

P. Koul MD
Z. Lodato BS
A. Patel MD

The Lazy Diaphragm with a Sugarcoated Phrenic Nerve

G. Ang MD

The Role of Endomyocardial Biopsy in Post mRNA Induced Myocarditis

J. McCullough DO
J. McCullough MD
G. Korlipara MD
A. Kaell MD

The Utilization of an Acute Severe Rejection Protocol in the Setting of Acute Hepatic Graft Versus Host Disease after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

J. Gallagher MD
J. Brochstein MD
J. D. Fish MD
J. Stiles NP
S. Sheflin-Findling DO

Thyroid Storm Occurring Following Coronary Angiography: A Rare Complication of Iodinated Contrast Administration

N. Beccarino MD
A. Wolf MD

Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis in a Neonate with Variant of Unknown Significance for Haile-Haile Disease

D. Lewis MD
A. Cummings DO
S. Shaigany MD
S. Dial MD
L. Glater MD
L. Siegel MD
M. Taylor MD

Transoral Biopsy of Clivus and Basion-Dens Interval in the Pediatric Patient for Suspected Osteomyelitis

E. Davoudzadeh MD
K. Chen MD

Unique Case of Combined Presentation of Myxedema Coma and Adrenal Crisis in a Patient with Hypopituitarism/ Sheehan’s Syndrome

J. Fredrick MD, MPH
S. Thomas DO candidate

Urgent Left Bundle Branch Pacing for Heart Block and Cardiogenic Shock, Facilitating Percutaneous Mechanical Circulatory Support Removal

B. Park MD
A. Rahman MD

Ventricular Noncompaction in a Patient with a Sarcomeric Gene Mutation

M. Alston MD
D. Gruber DHSc, MS
B. Azari MD, PhD

When the “Hole” is Larger than its Parts

L. Tan MD