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31-5-2023 12:00 AM


Dr. Weiner is professor of medicine, pediatrics and medical education, and director of the Clinical Leaders and Academic Scholars (CLASS) fellowship at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and deputy director of the Center of Innovation for Complex Chronic Health Care, Veterans Health Administration. He has served as medical education dean, university vice provost and currently is senior advisor to the provost.

Dr. Weiner’s research focuses on identifying and preventing contextual errors in clinical decision making and care planning. He has developed strategies for identifying contextual errors, measuring their impact on health outcomes and costs, and on preventing them. His research extensively employs unannounced standardized patients, patients who audio record their visits, and clinical decision support tools enhanced with contextual information in the electronic medical record. He has led studies funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Dr. Weiner is the University of Illinois at Chicago 2013 Distinguished Researcher of the Year in the Clinical Sciences. His 2017 book Listening for What Matters: Avoiding Contextual Errors in Health Care (Oxford University Press) received the American Publishers Award for Professional & Scholarly Excellence (PROSE) in the life sciences from the American Association of Publishers. His most recent book, On Becoming a Healer: The Journey from Patient Care to Caring About Your Patients, was published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

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His research has been translated into practice in a variety of settings, including a national initiative to improve care and services to homeless veterans in over 30 cities.

Dr. Weiner is a graduate of Harvard College, and Dartmouth Medical School. He completed his residency at the University of Chicago, and is a former Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Generalist Physician Faculty Scholar.


May 31st, 12:00 AM

Contextualizing Care: An Essential and Measurable Clinical Competency