Comparing the Incidence and Clinical Data for Simultaneous Bilateral Versus Unilateral Total Hip Arthroplasty in New York State Between 1990 and 2010

S. A. Glait
O. N. Khatib
A. Bansal
J. P. Hochfelder
J. D. Slover


A New York State database reported information on all total hip arthroplasty cases between 1990 and 2010 comparing unilateral (242,588 cases) to simultaneous bilateral (4538 cases) procedures. Our data showed that the population incidence of this surgery increased 120.2% over twenty years, yet the proportionate number of simultaneous cases has decreased. Simultaneous procedures were found to occur more commonly in younger patients with private insurance. In addition, bilateral procedures showed an increase in PE, DVT, length of stay, and discharge to rehab facilities; whereas mortality and blood transfusions compared to unilateral procedures showed no difference.