Bowel preparation for pediatric colonoscopy: report of the NASPGHAN endoscopy and procedures committee

H. Pall
G. M. Zacur
R. E. Kramer
R. A. Lirio
M. Manfredi
M. Shah
T. C. Stephen
N. Tucker
T. E. Gibbons
B. Sahn
M. McOmber
J. Friedlander
J. A. Quiros
D. S. Fishman
P. Mamula


Pediatric bowel preparation protocols used before colonoscopy vary greatly, with no identified standard practice. The present clinical report reviews the evidence for several bowel preparations in children and reports on their use among North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition members. Publications in the pediatric literature for bowel preparation regimens are described, including mechanisms of action, efficacy and ease of use, and pediatric studies. A survey distributed to pediatric gastroenterology programs across the country reviews present national practice, and cleanout recommendations are provided. Finally, further areas for research are identified.