Evaluating the Utility of a Diet Quality Screener in Clinical Practice to Improve Quality of Preventive Care (P07-002-19).

A. Bagheri
J. Beasley
P. Sardina
E. Johnston
L. Ganguzza
J. Padikkala
E. Gianos, Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell


Objectives:To assess the impact of an office based dietary screener aimed to improve dietary counseling for the cost effective improvement of patient health. Methods:We evaluated the utility of incorporating a 10-item diet quality measure (self-rated diet quality question used in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey and a 9-item Mediterranean diet screener recommended by the American Heart Association) prior to the cardiology visit in improving efficiency of dietary assessment, guidance of referrals, and in improving diet quality and health indicators over a 6-month period. To assess provider uptake of the dietary screener, we reviewed a random sample of charts (n = 190) to determine the proportion of notes that referenced the dietary screener and documented specific counseling based on the screener. Results:Between December 2017 and August 2018, 865 patients completed the diet screener. Mean age was 59 (SD 16) years, 54% were male, and mean BMI was 27.4 (SD 6.0) kg/m2. 18.5% of participants rated their diet as fair or poor, and mean score on the screener (range 0-9) was 5.6 (SD 1.8). Overall, the diet screener appeared in the chart in 87%, the physician gave specific counseling based on the screener in 11% of the visits. Conclusions:Findings from this work demonstrate a dietary screener can facilitate identification of patients who might benefit from specific interventions such as the Diabetes Prevention Program. Since cardiovascular disease is just one diet-influenced disease state, this screener could be implemented in other aspects of the health system to guide referrals to RDs for patients with other diet-related disease states. Funding Sources:This work was funded by the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Sciences at NYU Langone Health. Supporting Tables Images and/or Graphs: