Successful Implementation of Healthful Nutrition Initiatives into Hospitals.

M. Aggarwal
A. Grady
D. Desai
K. Hartog
L. Correa
R. J. Ostfeld
A. M. Freeman
M. McMacken
E. Gianos, Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell
K. Reddy
C. Batiste
C. Wenger
R. Blankstein
K. Williams
K. Allen
R. M. Seifried
N. D. Barnard


Poor dietary quality is a leading contributor to mortality in the United States and to most cardiovascular risk factors. By providing education on lifestyle changes and specifically, dietary changes, hospitals have the opportunity to use the patient experience as a "teachable moment." The food options provided to inpatients and outpatients can be a paradigm for patients to follow upon discharge from the hospital. There are hospitals in the United States that are showcasing novel ways to increase awareness of optimal dietary patterns and can serve as a model for hospitals nationwide.