Persistence of antibodies against middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus

D. C. Payne
I. Iblan
B. Rha
S. Alqasrawi
A. Haddadin
M. Al Nsour
T. Alsanouri
S. S. Ali
J. Harcourt
C. Miao
A. Tamin
S. I. Gerber
L. M. Haynes
M. M. Al Abdallat


© 2016, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). All rights reserved. To determine how long antibodies against Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus persist, we measured long-term antibody responses among persons serologically positive or indeterminate after a 2012 outbreak in Jordan. Antibodies, including neutralizing antibodies, were detectable in 6 (86%) of 7 persons for at least 34 months after the outbreak.