Orthopedic Principles to Facilitate Enhanced Recovery After Cardiac Surgery

M. W. Gerdisch
K. B. Allen
Y. Naka
M. R. Bonnell
K. P. Landolfo
J. Grehan
K. J. Grubb
D. J. Cohen
T. S. Guy
N. C. Patel, Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell
V. H. Thourani


© 2020 The Authors Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols recognize early postoperative mobilization as a driver of faster postoperative recovery, return to normal activities, and improved long-term patient outcomes. For patients undergoing open cardiac surgery, an opportunity for facilitating earlier mobilization and a return to normal activity lies in the use of improved techniques to stabilize the sternal osteotomy. By following the key orthopedic principles of approximation, compression, and rigid fixation, a more nuanced approach to sternal precaution protocols is possible, which may enable earlier patient mobilization, physical rehabilitation, and recovery.