Submissions from 2018

Role of Apolipoprotein L1 in Human Parietal Epithelial Cell Transition., V. Kumar, H. Vashistha, X. Lan, N. Chandel, K. Ayasolla, S. S.M. Shoshtari, R. Aslam, N. Paliwal, A. Malhotra, P. C. Singhal, and +7 additional authors


Nicotine enhances mesangial cell proliferation and fibronectin production in high glucose milieu via activation of Wnt/beta-catenin pathway, X. Lan, H. Wen, R. Aslam, S. S. Shoshtari, A. Mishra, V. Kumar, H. Wang, G. Wu, A. Malhotra, P. C. Singhal, and +1 additional author


APOL1 risk variants cause podocytes injury through enhancing endoplasmic reticulum stress, H. Wen, V. Kumar, X. Lan, S. S. Shoshtari, J. M. Eng, X. Zhou, F. Wang, H. Wang, A. Malhotra, P. C. Singhal, and +4 additional authors

Submissions from 2015


Use of Team-Based Learning Pedagogy for Internal Medicine Ambulatory Resident Teaching, S. Balwan, A. Fornari, P. DiMarzio, J. Verbsky, R. Pekmezaris, J. Stein, and S. Chaudhry

Submissions from 2014


Average Values and Racial Differences of Neutrophil Lymphocyte Ratio among a Nationally Representative Sample of United States Subjects, B. Azab, M. Camacho-Rivera, and E. Taioli


Heterogeneity of Breast Cancer Clinical Characteristics and Outcome in US Black Women-Effect of Place of Birth, M. Camacho-Rivera, T. Kalwar, J. Sanmugarajah, I. Shapira, and E. Taioli