Submissions from 2015


Selective Impairment of Spatial Cognition Caused by Autoantibodies to the N-Methyl-d-Aspartate Receptor, E. H. Chang, B. T. Volpe, M. Mackay, C. Aranow, C. Kowal, P. Mattis, R. Berlin, S. Mader, T. S. Huerta, P. T. Huerta, B. Diamond, and +3 additional authors


Human Radiation Dosimetry for the N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Radioligand C-11-CNS5161, V. Dhawan, W. Robeson, D. Bjelke, T. Chaly, K. Graf, M. Hellman, L. M. Zhuo, M. Mackay, and D. Eidelberg