Top Posters

The top posters listed here were announced live at the 5th Annual Academic Day, which took place on Thursday, April 28th, 2022.

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Saturday, April 23rd
12:00 AM

1st Place Poster: Analyzing the Benefit of Specifying Indication when Ordering Telemetry Monitoring Inpatient

Maria Masih, MD
Maria Barry, DO
Michael Cespites, DO
Malwina Klusek, DO
Esra Bayram, MD
Andy Lam, DO
Kenneth Mayer MD, Peconic Bay Medical Center (Faculty Mentor)

12:00 AM

2nd Place Poster: Evaluation of a Pharmacist Led Review of Heart Failure Medications in Increasing Guideline Directed Medical Therapy at a Community Hospital

Christina Tang, PharmD
Brenden VanSlyke, PharmD, Peconic Bay Medical Center

12:00 AM

3rd Place Poster: Rapid Source Control Laparotomy vs Primary Fascial Closure in Management of Colonic Perforation and in Septic Shock

Kevin Carroll II, MD
Dominick Gadaleta, Northwell Health
Andrew Bates, Northwell Health
David Pechman, Northwell Health
John Mihran Davis, South Shore University Hospital (Faculty Mentor)

12:00 AM