The Standardized Video Interview: How Does It Affect the Likelihood to Invite for a Residency Interview?

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© 2019 by the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Background: The Association of American Medical Colleges instituted a standardized video interview (SVI) for all applicants to emergency medicine (EM). It is unclear how the SVI affects a faculty reviewer's decision on likelihood to invite an applicant (LTI) for an interview. Objectives: The objective was to determine whether the SVI affects the LTI. Methods: Nine Accreditation Council of Graduate Medication Education (ACGME)-accredited EM residency programs participated in this prospective, observational study. LTI was defined on a 5-point Likert scale as follows: 1 = definitely not invite, 2 = likely not invite, 3 = might invite, 4 = probably invite, 5 = definitely invite. LTI was recorded at three instances during each review: 1) after typical screening (blinded to the SVI), 2) after unblinding to the SVI score, and 3) after viewing the SVI video. Results: Seventeen reviewers at nine ACGME-accredited residency programs participated. We reviewed 2,219 applications representing 1,424 unique applicants. After unblinding the SVI score, LTI did not change in 2,065 (93.1%), increased in 85 (3.8%) and decreased in 69 (3.1%; p = 0.22). In subgroup analyses, the effect of the SVI on LTI was unchanged by United States Medical Licensing Examination score. However, when examining subgroups of SVI scores, the percentage of applicants in whom the SVI score changed the LTI was significantly different in those that scored in the lower and upper subgroups (p < 0.0001). The SVI video was viewed in 816 (36.8%) applications. Watching the video did not change the LTI in 631 (77.3%); LTI increased in 106 (13.0%) and decreased in 79 (9.7%) applications (p = 0.04). Conclusions: The SVI score changed the LTI in 7% of applications. In this group, the score was equally likely to increase or decrease the LTI. Lower SVI scores were more likely to decrease the LTI than higher scores were to increase the LTI. Watching the SVI video was more likely to increase the LTI than to decrease it.

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