Coronary CT Calcium Score in Patients With Prior Nongated CT, Is it Necessary?

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Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology


© 2019 Elsevier Inc. Purpose: To evaluate the percentage of patients undergoing gated coronary artery calcium score CTs that had a prior nongated chest CT. To assess the accuracy of prior nongated chest CTs in the detection of coronary calcium. Background: Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death worldwide. Quantifying coronary artery calcification on gated calcium score CT has proven to be strongly predictive of adverse coronary artery disease events. However, visual estimation and ordinal scoring on nongated chest CTs is predictive of coronary calcium burden. Methods: Consecutive gated calcium score CTs at a single institution from 10/2014 to 10/2016 were retrospectively evaluated with IRB approval/waiver of informed consent. The presence or absence of coronary calcium and ordinal score on nongated chest CT was compared to Agatston score on gated calcium score CT. Results: Forty-two of 441 patients (9.5%) with a gated calcium score had a prior nongated chest CT, with a mean time difference of 810 days. Of the 42 prior chest CTs, 69% had coronary artery calcium (CAC) and 31% did not, with 100% predictive accuracy for the presence or absence of CAC on subsequent gated calcium score CTs. There was 86% correlation of Agatston score on gated calcium score CT with ordinal score on the prior chest CT. Ordinal score divided into independent groups of severity was related to increased severity of Agatston score on the gated calcium score CT (P< 0.001). A majority of prior chest CT studies with coronary calcium failed to include this information in the final report. Conclusions: A large percentage of gated calcium score CTs were performed despite a prior chest CT. The ordinal score on chest CTs correlated with Agatston score on gated calcium score CTs. The presence of CAC on chest CTs was underreported in a majority of cases.

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