Submissions from 2020


Hypercalcemia in a Patient Diagnosed with a Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide Tumor., B. Ataallah, B. S. Buttar, G. Kulina, and A. Kaell


Cytokine secretion in breast cancer cells – MILLIPLEX assay data, K. Chen, L. Satlof, G. Stoffels, U. Kothapalli, N. Ziluck, M. Lema, L. Poretsky, and D. Avtanski

Submissions from 2018


Evaluating the Emergency Department Observation Unit for the management of hyperglycemia in adults, C. J. Crilly, A. J. Allen, T. M. Amato, A. Tiberio, R. C. Schulman, and R. A. Silverman