Submissions from 2015


A Case of Phaeohyphomycosis Caused by Exophiala oligosperma in a Renal Transplant Patient Successfully Treated with Posaconazole, A. C. Levy, S Rehman, D.A. Sutton, K.I. Burris, D.A. Hirschwerk, N.P. Wiederhold, J. Lindner, M. Bhaskaran, H.L. Rilo, E.P. Molmenti, and +3 additional authors

Submissions from 2014


Hyperglycemia enhances kidney cell injury in HIVAN through down-regulation of vitamin D receptors, P. Rai, T. Singh, R. Lederman, A. Chawla, D. Kumar, K. Cheng, G. Valecha, P. W. Mathieson, M. A. Saleem, A. Malhotra, and P. C. Singhal