Submissions from 2016


Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt Infection with Mycobacterium abscessus: A Rare Cause of Ventriculitis, Z. D. Levy, V. Du, A. Chiluwal, D. J. Chalif, and D. E. Ledoux

Submissions from 2015


Toxin-Secreting Implantable Therapeutic Stem Cells, A. J. Gamble and J. A. Boockvar


Galantamine Attenuates Type 1 Diabetes and Inhibits Anti-Insulin Antibodies in Non-Obese Diabetic Mice, W. M. Hanes, P. S. Olofsson, K. Kwan, L. K. Hudson, S. S. Chavan, V. A. Pavlov, and K. J. Tracey

Evaluation of microelectrode materials for direct-current electrocorticography, C. Li, R. K. Narayan, P. M. Wu, N. Rajan, Z. Wu, N. Mehan, E. V. Golanov, C. H. Ahn, and J. A. Hartings


Highly accurate thermal flow microsensor for continuous and quantitative measurement of cerebral blood flow, C. Li, P. M. Wu, Z. Wu, K. Limnuson, N. Mehan, C. Mozayan, E. V. Golanov, C. H. Ahn, J. A. Hartings, and R. K. Narayan