Submissions from 2018


Massive liver metastasis from colon adenocarcinoma causing cardiac tamponade, A. N. Halthore, A. Levy, T. Philip, and S. Teckie

Submissions from 2016


BTK inhibition results in impaired CXCR4 chemokine receptor surface expression, signaling and function in chronic lymphocytic leukemia, S. S. Chen, B. Y. Chang, S. Chang, T. Tong, S. Ham, B. Sherry, J. A. Burger, K. R. Rai, and N. Chiorazzi


Pomalidomide reverses gamma-globin silencing through the transcriptional reprogramming of adult hematopoietic progenitors, B. M. Dulmovits, A. O. Appiah-Kubi, J. Papoin, M. He, Y. Al-Abed, S. Didier, M. Gould, S. Husain-Krautter, S. A. Singh, A. Vlachos, S. L. Allen, J. M. Lipton, J. M. Liu, L. Blanc, and +7 additional authors

Submissions from 2015


"The Great Mimicker": An Unusual Etiology of Cytopenia, Diffuse Lymphadenopathy, and Massive Splenomegaly, M. Zaarour, C. Weerasinghe, E. Moussaly, S. Hussein, and J. P. Atallah