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Wednesday, June 3rd

A Functional Circuit for Executive Control

D. Bonda MD, Lead Author
M. Wulf MEng
A. Kepecs PhD

A Strategy for Improved Seeding of Rat and Rabbit Stem Cells On Polypropylene Mesh Scaffolds

K. McDonald MD, Lead Author
L. Frejo Navarro PhD
D. Shalom MD
H. Winkler MD, MBA
D. A. Grande PhD
D. O'Shaughnessy MD

Achilles Tendon Rupture Healing can be improved with Tenogenically Differentiated Adipose Derived Stem Cells

M. Fitzgerald MD, Lead Author
H. Liang MD
D. A. Grande PhD

Autologous Fat Transfer Decreases the Expression of IL-1B in an In Vitro Model of Basal Joint Osteoarthritis

C. Larsen MD, Lead Author
B. Schaffler BS
E. Neufeld BS
B. Alba MD
T. Doering MD
Y. Chen MD
A. Kasabian MD
K. Nellans MD
L. Lane MD
D. A. Grande PhD

Biomechanical and Geometric Characterization of Peroneus Longus Allografts with Respect to Age

R. Nixon MD, Lead Author
A. Wong
M. R. Calvo
B. Schaffler
L. C. Carrero
E. Neufeld
D. Grande PhD
R. R. Calvo

Does Cholesterol Exposure of Human Myometrial Cells Affect Oxytocin Receptor Expression and Downstream Signaling?

R. Sharma MD, Lead Author
P. Chatterjee PhD
X. Xue MD
B. Rochelson MD

Extracellular CIRP Contributes to Cardiac Dysfunction in Neonatal Sepsis

N-L. Denning MD, Lead Author
M. Aziz PhD
J. M. Prince MD
P. Wang MD

Extracellular CIRP Decreases Siglec-G Expression of B-1a Cells in Sepsis Via TLR4

W. Royster MD, Lead Author
M. Aziz PhD
H. Jin MD
P. Wang MD

Milk Fat Globule-Epidermal Growth Factor 8 (MFG-E8) May Protect Infants from Intestinal Inflammation

J. Asaro DO, Lead Author
Z. Khan BS
M. Brewer MD
K. Klose RN
C. Pesce RN
R. Schanler MD
C. Codipilly PhD

Osseointegration of Titanium and PEEK Bio-Scaffolds

M. Morris MD, Lead Author
A. Wong BSE
D. A. Grande PhD

Role of Ligament Stabilizers of the Proximal Carpal Row in Preventing Dorsal Intercalated Segment Instability - A Cadaveric Study

R. Jethanandani MD, Lead Author