Benefits of the IR

  • Works will be easily found via search engines such as Google
  • Increased exposure of your scholarship which can lead to an increase in citations.
  • Perspective students and researchers can easily learn about current research happening at the School of Medicine and Northwell Health
  • All items will be assigned metadata for ease of searching
  • Each faculty member will have a public profile with an up-to-date list of their publications
  • Authors can view download counts on their works.
  • Ensures long term preservation and access to your scholarly output
  • Facilitates access to the full text version of each work via PDF download if permitted by copyright or direct links to the publisher

Frequently Asked Questions


Faculty Profile FAQ

Whose research is included in the IR?

Anyone who is affiliated with Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine or Northwell Health. This includes faculty, researchers, residents, fellows, students, and staff.

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Do I have to submit my works myself for inclusion?

Generally, no. The library staff periodically searches for all of our researchers’ publications in Pubmed, Web of Science, and Scopus via the affiliation they list at the time of publication. Per the revision of the Northwell Health Authorship on Scientific and Scholarly Publications Policy, GR098, starting in 2017 you must include either “Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell” or “Northwell Health” in the Address/Affiliation field(s) for your publications to be found. This process does not necessarily locate meeting abstracts, posters, and books/chapters which are often not indexed by databases. If you notice one of your works is missing please email with the citation.

NOTE: The repository is a work in progress and we are constantly uploading new material. The seed collections are based on publication lists going back to 2011 but it will take some time to process them all. If one of your publications is missing, if it is very new or published prior to 2014 it is likely in the queue to be added.

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Do you accept unpublished work?

Yes! We are absolutely interested in abstracts, posters, presentations, videos, supplemental data files, etc. from our researchers even if they aren’t published. Please send these items along with a citation (or as much info about the item as you can give) to

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I recently joined Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell or Northwell Health. Will my research from other institutions be included?

No, the repository is limited to the scholarly output of Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell or Northwell Health. We plan to have a special collection to highlight the previous work of new faculty members but these publications will not be included permanently.

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How do I obtain full text access to an article?

There are several ways to get full text access, depending on your affiliation:

  1. If the article is open access or we have the publisher’s permission you will see a “download PDF” button on the record. This works for everyone.
  2. If you are affiliated with the Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell (ie: if you have a Hofstra ID number): you can access the full text on or off campus by clicking the “Full text for Zucker SOM at Hofstra/Northwell” button on the record.
  3. If you are affiliated with Northwell Health: you can access the full text on campus only by clicking the “For the public and Northwell Health campuses” button on the record.
  4. If you are not affiliated with Hofstra Northwell: you can use the download link mentioned above if available or the “For the public and Northwell Health campuses” button. This will bring you to the publisher’s page where you will have access through your own institution or the option to purchase the article.

There are some articles we do not have full text access to. If you are an affiliate and would like to access the full text please request it via interlibrary loan via Zucker School of Medicine ILL (faculty and students only) or Northwell Health ILL

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Why are only 10 authors listed?

Some publications have enough authors to make the record’s page long and difficult to scroll through. To alleviate this, we only list up to 10 authors on each record, giving preference to the first author, last author, and any Zucker School of Medicine or Northwell author(s). If authors were omitted the repository’s record will reflect this with “+ # of additional authors”. The full list of authors can be found in the author field of either the full text document or the Pubmed/publishers page.

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What copyright issues should I be concerned with?

The librarians ensure we have copyright permissions to upload the full text of articles and if we don’t have rights, only link to the publisher’s site. We will be working with publishers to include as much open access, full text content as possible. To help with this, you can obtain permission from the publisher to self-archive a final manuscript in our repository at the time of publication. To find out more about copyright and authors’ rights please visit our Copyright Libguide

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What is ORCID?

ORCID is a unique, persistent identifier created to disambiguate author names. This ensures we obtain the correct articles if you have a common name and links your works to you even if you change institutions or your name. Several publishers now require an ORCID ID to publish or give you the option of adding it when you submit for publication. We will be adding ORCID IDs to the repository.

Per the 2017 authorship policy, all faculty and researchers are required to have an ORCID ID. To learn more and sign up for an ORCID that is automatically affiliated with Hofstra Northwell please visit our ORCID libguide

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What are the Selected Works faculty profiles?

Our faculty profiles are for researchers with academic faculty appointments at Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell only. Profiles have been created for all faculty members and include basic information such as name, department(s), academic appointment, and a photo (if one is accessible from the School of Medicine). Profiles will be maintained by the library staff. Your publications will sync from the repository to your profile which has a unique URL you can use on a departmental site or anywhere else you choose. This URL will also be linked on the Northwell Health Physician Partners website.

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Do I need a separate account for the IR and my faculty profile?

No. If you create an account for the repository you can use those credentials to log in to your profile and vice versa. Note that you will only have a faculty profile if you have an academic faculty appointment at the Zucker School of Medicine.

Do I have to maintain my profile?

No. The library will maintain your publications and basic info (name, title, department(s), and photo if available). Please do not edit these fields as we will update them regularly.

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Can I add a bio to my profile?

We are working on a template for short bio sketches that will be used for these profiles and in other places on the Zucker School of Medicine and Northwell websites. Keep an eye out for updates!

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Can I add other info to my profile?

Yes. If you have any questions about editing your profile please email

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Where are my publications?

We are currently adding publications from 2014-2016 to the institutional repository and will update your profile as we do so. Once these seed collections are uploaded we will focus on adding publications from 2011-2013. We appreciate your patience during this process.

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Can I share/link to my profile?

Yes. Each profile has a unique URL so you can link to it from other websites or share the link with colleagues. We can also provide a URL to a list of all faculty profiles for a given department.

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I still have questions! Who do I contact?

Please feel free to contact the IR administrator, Leanna Stager, at with any additional questions or concerns.

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