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Wednesday, June 3rd

A Mobile Platform-Based Structured Sign Out Tool to Improve Resident Teaching on Anatomic Pathology Rotations

Y. Yang MD, Lead Author
T. Bhuiya MD
S. Khutti MD
T. Vitkovski DO
M. J. Esposito MD

Ambulatory psychiatry clerkship: Barriers and opportunities learned from a pilot

F. Nagaya MD, Lead Author

Applying Sound Pedagogy to a Residency Risk Assessment Workshop

K. Calleo MD, Lead Author
M. Grover MD
M. Greenspan MD

Bringing Feedback to Fruition: A Focused Intervention to Create an Effective Resident Feedback Culture

R. Kabra MD, Lead Author
L. Feld MD
J. Belfer MD
S. Barone MD
C. Taurassi MD

Developing a Global Health Elective for Psychiatry Residents: Lessons Learned from a Pilot Program in South India

A. Cooper MD, Lead Author
A. Soman MD
J. Young MD

Do it for the “Gram”: Using Instagram to Educate the Millennial Learner

J. Belfer MD, Lead Author
L. Feld MD
R. Kabra MD

Education Regarding Differences Between Palliative vs. Hospice Care for GME IM Residents at a Teaching Community Hospital: Pre- and Post Evaluation of Medical Knowledge Domain

A. Sharma MD, Lead Author
S. Nabeel MD
P. Macchio ANP, GNP, MSN
C. B. de Elia MD
G. Haggerty Ph.D.
A. Kaell MD

First Episode Psychosis Order Set

K. Salaheldin MD, Lead Author
M. Birnbaum MD
G. Haggerty PhD
A. Lima MD
M. Azizi MD

Getting to the Root Cause: Resident Engagement in a Morbidity, Mortality, & Improvement Curriculum within a Large Pediatric Training Program

L. Feld MD, Lead Author
R. Kabra MD
J. Belfer MD
C. Taurassi MD
S. Barone MD
A. Subramony MD
M. Cavataio RN
H. Di Scala RN
L. Glater-Welt MD

Impact of Planned Care/Pre-visit Planning on Evidence Based Management of Hypertension

J. Weng MD, Lead Author

Integrating Cross-Cultural Care of Traumatized Populations in a Psychiatry Residency Training Program

T. Haque MD, Lead Author
V. Fornari MD
S. Lim MD
A. Costakis MD
J. Young MD

Low Fidelity, In-situ Simulation: It Works!

L. Feld MD, Lead Author
J. Belfer MD
R. Kabra MD

Project Neurotransmission: Improving Subspecialty Communication and Teaching

M. El-Hallal MD, Lead Author
G. Fisler MD
S. Karkare MD
I. Pavkovic MD
S. Kothare MD

Residents as Speakers: Use of a Formalized Case Presentation Curriculum to Enhance Residents Public Speaking Skills

J. Belfer MD, Lead Author
L. Feld MD
R. Kabra MD

See One, Do One, Teach One: Communicating Challenging News - An Interactive Resident As Teacher Workshop

R. Shafer MD, Lead Author
S. Izard MPH
G. Goldberg MD

Thematic Categorization of a Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Mini-Series into a Pediatric Residency Curriculum

R. Kabra MD, Lead Author
L. Feld MD
J. Belfer MD
P. Goenka MD
S. Barone MD

Use of a mobile application to assess when urology residents become surgically independent.

D. Nethala MD, Lead Author
C. Martin
D. Wang
S. Smith
Z. Kozel
M. Vira
M. Schwartz
S. Hall
L. Kavoussi
J. Kreshover

Utility of a Quality Dashboard Established by a Resident Quality Council

J. Castiglione MD, Lead Author
L. Feld MD
J. Belfer MD
R. Kabra MD
M. Buchan MD
S. Sayres DO
S. Barone MD