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Wednesday, June 2nd

A Quality Improvement Initiative to Address Violence in Inpatient Psychiatry

R. Kaufman

Are Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents Equipped to Care for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Patients? A National Survey Study

L. A. Qin MD
S. Estevez MD
W. W. Shan
J. Rabin MD
D. W. Rosenthal DO, PhD

Assessing Burnout Among Residents During Night Float Versus Day Float

D. Nelson
N. Gabbur MD
G. Goldberg MD

Assessing Health Care Workers’ Triage Knowledge and Practices in Rural Kenya

A. Serrette
E. Essien MPH
R. Rasul MA
O. Uwemedimo MD

Brief Education Enhances Obstetric Provider Confidence in Identifying and Managing Perinatal Depression

Y. Kaufman
J. Q. Young MD, MPP, PhD
K. M. Deligiannidis MD

Covid-Lateral Damage: The Impact of the Post-Covid Era on Emergency Medicine Residency Training

D. Frank MD
T. Perera MD
M. Weizberg MD
A. Garson

Decreasing visit cycle time in the Mather Internal Medicine Residents’ Clinic: A quality improvement project

A. Franco
M. Kim MD
S. Ahmed MD
R. Giacobbe DO
G. Haggerty PhD
A. Kaell MD

Developing a Pediatric Trauma Simulation Curriculum based on Trauma Registry Data

R. Patel MD
D. James MD
F. Bullaro MD
K. Williamson MD

Diving Deep Under the SuRRFace: Achieving MoreThan Just Compliance with ACGME ScholarlyActivity Mandate

D. Koo
D. Thompson MD
L. Demyan MD
J. Sadeghi MD
J. Vialet MLS
M. Giangola MD
V. Patel MD

Educating ED staff on palliative medicine and the benefits of initiating consults at the ED: A quality improvement project

W. Khan MD
C. De Elia MD
P. Macchio NP
L. Perugini
G. Haggerty PhD

Empowering Physicians to Engage in Conversations on Systemic Racism via a Teleconference Workshop: An Educational Case Report

M. Beattie

Examination of Mental Illness Stigma among Medical Students

A. Cote

Feasibility of an Online Workshop Series on Pediatric Health Topics with a Community Based Organization during the COVID-19 Pandemic

K. Bianco
J. John DO
D. Coletti PhD
M. Pilapil MD, MPH

Guidelines for Management of Aortic Mural Thrombus - A Case Series

Amtul Mansoor MD
Kumar Sarkar MD
J. Makaryus MD
A. Galmer MD

Improving Anesthesia Providers to PACU Staff Handoff

Edward Mosenkis MD

Leveraging Technology to Improve Psychiatry Residents as Teachers with Just In Time Teaching Tips

S. Marks
J. Young MD, MPP, PhD
A. Fornari EdD, RDN

Ob/Gyn Applicants' Considerations in Creating a Residency Rank List - Can We Interview Virtually?

R. Kirshenbaum

Patient satisfaction with Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR) at Mather Hospital

S. Bukkuri
K. Joseph MD
A. Kaell MD
G. Haggerty PhD

Pediatric Trainees’ Perspectives on Tolerance and Communication of Uncertainty in Clinical Encounters

J. Tugetman
A. Lee MD

Reduction In Morning "STAT" Lab Orders

A. Raminfard
H. Siddique MD
S. Nabeel MD
G. Haggerty PhD

Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR) at Mather Hospital: Staff Perspective

M. Batool
F. Badar MD
H. Rengarajan MD
A. Kaell MD
G. Haggerty PhD

The use of the NEJM Knowledge Plus online platform to supplement traditional pulmonology lectures: A resident-led educational quality improvement project

V. Boryushkina
H. Quadri MD
A. Najdat MD
G. Haggerty PhD
A. Kaell MD

Trainee Reaction to a Novel Educational Workshop Exploring Uncertainty Within Clinical Encounters

J. Tugetman
A. Lee MD

Transitioning from IV to Oral Antibiotics for Pneumonia Treatment: Mather Hospital Quality Improvement Project

K. Shyta
V. Rana MD
M. Monteagudo-Chu PharmD
G. Haggerty PhD
A. Kaell MD

"Verify your MAP": Improving reconciliation of medication, allergy, and problem lists in a residency clinic

L. Kosminsky
K. Cheuck MD
F. Zonouzi-Zadeh MD