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Wednesday, June 2nd

A Case of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome and Shock After COVID-19 in an Adult

R. Butzko DO
F. Mastroianni MD
Y. Garcia-Bengochea MD
J. Schneider MD
Z. Hasan MD

Analysis of Findings on Upper Endoscopy versus Patient Outcomes in Empiric Embolization of the Gastroduodenal Artery for Nonvariceal Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding Related to Duodenal Ulcers

I. Rumball BS
K. Chen MD
Z. M. Bagha BA
E. J. Gandras MD, FSIR
C. Greben MD, FSIR
J. Weinstein MD

Assessing Health Care Workers’ Triage Knowledge and Practices in Rural Kenya

A. Serrette
E. Essien MPH
R. Rasul MA
O. Uwemedimo MD

Brief Education Enhances Obstetric Provider Confidence in Identifying and Managing Perinatal Depression

Y. Kaufman
J. Q. Young MD, MPP, PhD
K. M. Deligiannidis MD

Characteristics and Risk Factors Associated with Critical Illness in Pediatric COVID-19

G. Fisler MD
S. Izard MPH
S. Shah MD
D. Lewis MD
M. K. Kainth DO, MPH
S. H.F. Hagmann MD, MSc
J. A. Belfer MD
L. M. Feld MD
F. Mastroianni MD
C. L. Kvasnovsky MD
C. A. Capone MD, MPH
J. Schneider MD
T. Swebeg MD
C. Schleien MD, MBA
M. D. Taylor MD

Comparison of normal saline with low-chloride solutions in renal transplants: A Metanalysis

A. Jahangir MD
S. Sahra
M. R. K. Niazi
F. S. Siddiqui
M. Y. Anwar
A. Jahangir
E. J. El-Charabaty

Correlation of visual inspection/physical exam and point-of-care ultrasound in the evaluation of peripheral IV sites suspicious for malfunctioning

I. Frunza MD
V. Boyar MD
J. Fishbein MPH
D. Kurepa MD

Decreasing Non-Productive Wait Time in Hodgkin's Lymphoma Ambulatory Chemotherapy Visits

D. Newman-Beck MSN, RN, CPN

Digital Technology in Psychiatry: Expectations, Barriers and Understanding of Clinicians

W. Sterling MD
M. Sobolev PhD
A. Van Meter PhD
D. Guinart MD
M. Birnbaum MD
J. M. Rubio MD
J. Kane MD

Educating ED staff on palliative medicine and the benefits of initiating consults at the ED: A quality improvement project

W. Khan MD
C. De Elia MD
P. Macchio NP
L. Perugini
G. Haggerty PhD

Expression Patterns and Clinical Significance of Estrogen Receptor in ​​Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer​

E. Fanous MD
M. Castellanos MD

Highly Agitated: Medical Marijuana for Refractory Hyperactive Delirium Management in Glioblastoma Multiforme

A. Walker MD
S. Anandan MD

Idiopathic Primary Pulmonary Hemosiderosis in a Toddler with Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

A. Churchill MD
J. Burns MD
S. Alcon
B. Johnston MD
L. Castellanos Reyes MD
J. Jennings MD
M. Patel DO

Improving Outcomes for Children with Asthma in the Outpatient Setting, Project BREATHE

G. Auricchio MD
E. Robbins DO
S. Daoud MHS, AE-C
P. James MD
A. Cornish DO
M. Weeks MD
S. Hassan DO
A. Lee MD

Novel Approach in Imaging and Quantifying Microperfusion in Non-Healing Ulcers Using Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound

S. Tafreshi MD
S. Raza DO
A. Oropallo MD
J. Pellerito MD

Osteogenic potential of a periosteum-mimicking 3D-printed construct

A. Wong BSE
C. Pinpin BS
M. Morris MD
V. Greene BSE
H. Goodman MD
D. A. Grande PhD

Oxygen-Sensitive Generation of Oxygen Radicals in Mitochondria and Effects of Post-Resuscitation Normoxic Therapy: A Rat Cardiac Arrest Model

K. Shinozaki MD, PhD
L. B. Becker MD

Physiologic Response to Angiotensin II Treatment for COVID-19 Induced Vasodilatory Shock: A Retrospective Matched Cohort Study

F. Mastroianni MD
D. E. Leisman MD, MSCR
G. Fisler MD
S. Shah MD
Z. Hasan MD
M. Narasimhan DO
M. D. Taylor MD
C. S. Deutschman MD, MS

Primary Soft Tissue Neuroendocrine Tumor Masquerading as a Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor

D. Kim MD
D. Ramirez MD
M. Raghavan MD

Successful Management of Thyroid Storm After Emergent Cardiac Catheterization for ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction

C. Ngai MD
A. Kokroo MD
A. Wolf MD

Supporting Families Through First Episode Psychosis

S. Fitzgerald RN

The Impact of Treatment Parameters on Racial Survival Differences in Oropharyngeal Cancer: A National Cancer Database Study

D. Zhu BS
A. Wong BS
E. J. Oh PhD
S. Ahn PhD
M. Wotman MD
T. Sahai MD
D. Bottalico MD
D. Frank MD
T. Tham MD

Therapies Curtailed by the COVID-19 Pandemic

J. Sklar MD
E. Rapoport BS
R. Milanaik DO

Turning Back the Clock with Facelift Surgery: Artificial Intelligence Recognition of Age Reduction and Patient Satisfaction Quantitates Value of Specific Techniques

K. Chen MD
A. Gibstein BA
S. M. Lu MD, Mdiv
R. Cheng MS
C. H. Thorne MD
J. Bradley MD

Voltage Mapping and Pulmonary Vein Isolation in Master Athletes with Atrial Fibrillation

E. Pagan MD
N. Beccarino MD
D. Chang MD
E. Dulmovits BS
S. Beldner MD