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Wednesday, June 1st

A Multidisciplinary Education Initiative Can Reduce the Rate of General Anesthesia for Cesarean Section

M. Kim MD
J. Falescky
W. Lai
A. Khokhar
E. Mendez
S. Rezai
R. Sikachi
J. Aronsohn MD
M. Gerasimov MD
G. Palleschi MD
J. Pena

Active vs. Passive Education Methodologies: An Evidence Based Practice Initiative

T. Buhner RN
S. J. McKenna RN
S. O'Connor RN
K. Salvati RN

An Innovative Three-Dimensional Pelvic Model For Improving Student and Resident Education on Pelvic Organ Prolapse and the Pelvic Organ Prolapse-Quantification System

A. Goodwin MD
S. C. Trahan MSE
A. E. Neuwirth BE
K. Demertzis PhD
P. S. Finamore MD
D. L. O’Shaughnessy MD

An Updated Analysis of Shoulder and Elbow Questions on the Orthopedic In-Training Examination

L. Bartlett DO

Analysis of Recent Sports Medicine Questions on the Orthopaedic In-Training Examination

B. Klein DO, MBA
M. LaGreca DO
P. B. White DO, MS
R. Trasolini DO
R. M. Cohn MD

COVID Redeployment Unmasked Additional Gaps in Pediatric Palliative Care Curriculum

A. Churchill MD
K. Bianco MD
T. Brandt MD
S. Amin DO
S. Barone MD

Data Analysis in Pathology: A Training Approach Geared to Pathology Residents

N. Yurtsever MD
Y. Ziemba MD

Influence of Digital Resources on an Emergency Medicine Residency Program’s Recruitment During a Virtual Interview Season

K. Liu MD
D. Frank MD
A. Mastanduono MD
D. Yanes MD
E. Helwig BS
H. Seepersaud DrPH
R. Thomesen BS
W. Apterbach MD

Integrating Social Determinants of Health into Pediatric Clerkship Assessment

E. Krasnow BS
V. Timmel BS
J. Leibowitz MD
R. Samuels MD
R. Dougherty MD

Ongoing Placement Verification of Feeding Tubes Using Gastric Aspirate pH

J. Exline RN
J. Lucke RN
S. Michiko RN

Stop Repeating History: Breaking the Cycle through Implementation of a Longitudinal Anti-Racism Curriculum for Psychiatry Residents

M. Santarsieri MD
A. Soman
L. Hanna
J. Q. Young

Teach Me CPR: A Pilot Study in Public Middle Schools

R. Patel MD
A. Animasaun MD
C. Psihos BS
S. Khan BS
J. Fishbein MPH

The Art of Observation: Using the visual arts in interprofessional education to promote collaborative competencies

A. Paul MD
N. Mercardo PhD
L. Block MD
B. DeVoe DNP
N. Richner MAT
G. Goldberg MD

The COVID-19 Epidemic Led to an Enhanced Curriculum to Improve the Comfort and Confidence with Bioethical Competencies in Pediatric Trainees

T. Brandt MD
K. Bianco MD
A. Churchill MD

The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship Training

L. Silver MD
A. Kessel MD
C. Taurassi MD
M. Taylor MD

The Effects of Mental Health Training in Nassau County ESU Officers

L. Simeon-Thompson MD
K. Thakker MPH
M. Greenspan MD

The Impact of a Harm Reduction Training on First Year Medical Student Attitudes Regarding Opioid Use and Comfort with Naloxone Administration

T. Valerio BA
P. Subramanian BA
H. Minkus BS
N. J. Favazza BS
M. Buzzell BA
M. Burlingame BA
L. Harrison MPH
S. Butkus MS
S. Kapoor MD, MS-HPPL

The Routine Incorporation of Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Topics in a Pediatric Multidisciplinary, Case-Conference Series

K. Bianco MD
A. Churchill
T. Brandt MD

Using MEWS to Improve Inpatient Rest

L. Hill-Civil MSN, RN, PCCN