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Wednesday, June 1st

Assessing Caregiver-Reported Feasibility and Acceptability of Direct-To-Consumer Telemedicine Utilization in The Pediatric Ambulatory Setting During COVID-19

P. Subramanian BA
C. Steinway MSW, MPH
J. Chen MBS
M. Katzow MD, MS

Building Tools to Decode the Cytokine Responses of Vagal Sensory Neurons

R. Adamovich-Zeitlin BS
T. Huerta PhD
B. Haider MS
S. S. Chavan PhD
K. J. Tracey MD
E. H. Chang PhD

Combined Preoperative Sclerotherapy and Surgical Excision of Upper and Lower Extremity Venous Vascular Malformations: Representative Case Series and Review of the Literature

I. Kang BS
N. Hazkour Medical student
N. Hazkour BA
J. Palacios BS
M. Trabilsy MA
N. Bastidas MD
D. Siegel MD

Complete Ear Reconstruction Using Allogenic Costal Cartilage

J. Palacios BS

Correlation Between Clinical Characteristics and Capillary Refill Time Among Intensive Care Unit Patients

J. Farshadmand BS
J. Johnson BA
K. Shinozaki MD
T. Li

COVID-19 and the Impact on Pregnancy Outcomes

J. Katz BS
A. Ruggiero MS
L. Ballas BS
L. Shore-Lesserson MD
G. Palleschi MD

Direct Surgical Excision of Pediatric Hemangioma: Comparative Analysis of Operating Room and In-Office Surgical Outcomes

A. Feda BS
N. Hazkour BA
J. Palacios BS
S. Barnett BA
M. Trabilsy MA
N. Finelt MD
N. Bastidas MD

Effects of Elective Neck Dissection on Survival in Maxillary Sinus Squamous Cell Carcinoma

A. Joseph BS
Y. Choi Medical Student
A. Wong BS
D. Zhu BS
H. Rahman PhD
T. Tham MD

Efficacy of continuous EEG for Management of Altered Mental Status in the Neurosurgical ICU

M. Ohene-Adjei BA, MS
R. Temes MD
B. Ryu BA
M. Schulder MD

Examining Hippocampal Sharp-Wave Ripples as the Orchestrator of Cortical Language Networks in a Memory Task

A. Mishra BS
S. Akkol MD
N. Markowitz BS
E. Espinal BA
A. Mehta MD, PhD

Feasibility and Acceptability of "POWER Kids Move," a Virtual Physical Activity Program for Children with Overweight/Obesity

B. Midgette BS, co-first author
M. Buzzell BA, co-first author
A. A. Zuzarte BA
P. Reichert-Anderson MA, RDN, CDN
M. Montreuil BA, MS
S. Di Figlia Peck MS
S. S. Shah MS, RDN, CDN
J. Chen MBS
M. Katzow MD, MS

Getting a Glimpse into Neuro-Ophthalmology Malpractice: A Review of the Westlaw Database

P. Shah BA

Impact of Donor, Recipient, and Graft Characteristics on Corneal Transplantation Outcomes

P. Shah BA
A. Hasan MD
J. Winokur MD
D. Ritterband MD
J. Seedor MD
I. Mehta DO

Integrating Social Determinants of Health into Pediatric Clerkship Assessment

E. Krasnow BS
V. Timmel BS
J. Leibowitz MD
R. Samuels MD
R. Dougherty MD

Ki67 in Patients with Meningiomas

S. Saleem BA
M. Schulder
E. Hintz
J. Li
Y. Ziemba

Multi-Procedural Facial Feminization Surgery: A Review of Complications in a Cohort of 31 Patients

J. Palacios BS

Non-Surgical Correction of Congenital Ear Deformities: The Relationship Between Age of Presentation and Regression

N. Hazkour BA
J. Palacios BS
R. Gray MD
K. Pessino MD
R. Rivera FNP-BC
N. Bastidas MD

Office Based Pediatric Otoplasty Under Local Anesthesia

I. Kang BS
N. Hazkour Medical student
N. Hazkour BA
P. Goote MD
J. Palacios BS
J. Gottfried BS
N. Bastidas MD

Perceived Cognitive Function is Associated with Adherence to Diabetes Self-Management Behaviors Among Breast Cancer Survivors

J. Itty MPH
S. Lambert BS
T. Annesi BS
C. Chan MPH
M. Goel MD, MPH
J. J. Lin MD, MPH
Y. T. Harris MD, PhD

Percutaneous Mechanical Thrombectomy with the Inari ClotTriever Device in a Pediatric Population

I. Rumball BS
K. Chen MD
N. Voutsinas MD
A. Noor MD

Practicing Functional Nasal Surgery in the Non-Urban Setting: Experience from a Single Center

M. Saleem BS

Quality of Online Information on Transition to Adulthood for Individuals with Sickle Cell Disease

T. Annesi BS
C. Steinway LMSW, MPH
T. Oluwole
J. Chen MBS

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy versus Elective Node Dissection in Stage cT1-2N0 Oral Cavity Cancer

M. I. Saleem BS, co-first author
T. Tham MD, co-first author
T. Peng BS
D. Zhu BS
A. Wong BS
L. M. Pereira MD

The Efficacy of Intrawound Vancomycin Powder in Reducing Surgical Site Infections Following Spine Surgery: A Retrospective Study

H. Shah BS, co-first author
A. Bui BS, co-first author
E. Neufeld MD
G. Zavurov DO
R. Verma MD

The Impact of a Harm Reduction Training on First Year Medical Student Attitudes Regarding Opioid Use and Comfort with Naloxone Administration

T. Valerio BA
P. Subramanian BA
H. Minkus BS
N. J. Favazza BS
M. Buzzell BA
M. Burlingame BA
L. Harrison MPH
S. Butkus MS
S. Kapoor MD, MS-HPPL

The Role of Thromboelastography in Modifying Transfusion Behavior in Cardiac Surgical Patients

E. Safarian BS
A. Ruggiero MS
D. Hart MD
L. Shore-Lesserson MD