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Wednesday, June 1st

An engineered miRNA 130b-3p acts as a novel eCIRP inhibitor to reduce inflammation in hepatic I/R

T. Borjas MD
A. Jacob PhD
M. Kobritz MD
G. Ma MD
V. Patel MD
G. Coppa MD
M. Aziz PhD
P. Wang MD

Building Tools to Decode the Cytokine Responses of Vagal Sensory Neurons

R. Adamovich-Zeitlin BS
T. Huerta PhD
B. Haider MS
S. S. Chavan PhD
K. J. Tracey MD
E. H. Chang PhD

Changes in Depression Scores in Large Pediatric Ambulatory Network During the COVID-19 Pandemic

S. Kaye MD
C. Steinway LMSW, MPH
J. Chen MBS

COVID-19 and the Impact on Pregnancy Outcomes

J. Katz BS
A. Ruggiero MS
L. Ballas BS
L. Shore-Lesserson MD
G. Palleschi MD

Examining How Patient Sociodemographics and Hospital Location Influence the Use of Ultrasonography in Trauma-Related Diagnoses

A. Canaletich PA-C
R. Cardinal PA-C
T. Schepis PA-C
E. Sgantzos PA-C

Pancreatic Cancer Patient-Derived Organoids Accurately Predict Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

L. Demyan MD
A. Habowski PhD
D. Plenker PhD
D. King MD
O. Standring MD
C. Tsang BS
L. St. Surin
A. Rishi MD
J. M. Crawford MD
J. Boyd MD
S. Pasha MBBS
H. Patel
Z. Galluzzo BS
C. Metz MD
P. K. Gregersen MD
S. Fox BA
C. Valente
S. Abadali
S. Matadial-Ragoo
D. DePeralta MD
G. B. Deutsch MD
J. M. Herman MD
M. A. Talamini MD
D. A. Tuveson MD, PhD
M. J. Weiss MD, MBA