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Wednesday, June 1st

A Case of Severe Ivermectin Toxicity Resulting in Coma

M. Sule MD
F. Mastroianni MD
G. Granati MD

A Delayed Diagnosis of Congenital Myopathy in an Adolescent Female Presenting with Inflammatory Encephalitis

A. Cummings DO
B. Johnston MD

Adverse Childhood Experiences in Children in Immigrant Families: Better if None, Worse if Even One

Y. Asante MB, CHB
A. Krevskaya MD
D. Pham BA
R. Milanaik DO

An engineered miRNA 130b-3p acts as a novel eCIRP inhibitor to reduce inflammation in hepatic I/R

T. Borjas MD
A. Jacob PhD
M. Kobritz MD
G. Ma MD
V. Patel MD
G. Coppa MD
M. Aziz PhD
P. Wang MD

Artificial Intelligence-Based Computer-Aided Diagnosis in Endoscopic Detection of Early Neoplasia in Barrett’s Esophagus: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

A. Kumar MD
A. J. Trindade MD
A. Swaminath MD
E. J. McCabe MD
D. H. Robbins MD, MSc
P. C. Benias MD

Building Tools to Decode the Cytokine Responses of Vagal Sensory Neurons

R. Adamovich-Zeitlin BS
T. Huerta PhD
B. Haider MS
S. S. Chavan PhD
K. J. Tracey MD
E. H. Chang PhD

Changes in Depression Scores in Large Pediatric Ambulatory Network During the COVID-19 Pandemic

S. Kaye MD
C. Steinway LMSW, MPH
J. Chen MBS

COVID-19 and the Impact on Pregnancy Outcomes

J. Katz BS
A. Ruggiero MS
L. Ballas BS
L. Shore-Lesserson MD
G. Palleschi MD

Degree of Burden and the Association with Social Support among Caregivers of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: A Cross Sectional Study

T. Santos MD
C. Steinway MPH, LMSW
A. Mastrogiannis BA
J. Chen MBS
J. Woodward MD, MS
I. Riddle PhD
B. Spicer BS, CCRP
J. Berens MD
T. Davis MD
M. Cornacchia MD
C. Wright MD, MSHP
M. Ciccarelli MD
L. Lindquist MD, MPH, MBA

Does Complexity of Diagnosis Relate to Caretaker Involvement in Care: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder

S. Bennett PA-S
T. Cassiano PA-C
C. DiCosimo PA-C
M. Hanel PA
K. E. O'Leary PA-S

Efficacy of continuous EEG for Management of Altered Mental Status in the Neurosurgical ICU

M. Ohene-Adjei BA, MS
R. Temes MD
B. Ryu BA
M. Schulder MD

Epipericardial Fat Necrosis: A Rare, Potential Complication of COVID-19 Pneumonia

J. You MD
L. Hou MD
S. Chatterjee MD
R. D. Bhansali MD

Epsilon Waves and Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death

J. McCullough DO
D. Goyal MD
A. Kaell MD
R. Perera MD

Examining How Patient Sociodemographics and Hospital Location Influence the Use of Ultrasonography in Trauma-Related Diagnoses

A. Canaletich PA-C
R. Cardinal PA-C
T. Schepis PA-C
E. Sgantzos PA-C

Exploration of Rotational Thromboelastometry (ROTEM) to Characterize the Coagulation Profiles of Newly diagnosed Pediatric Leukemia Patients

M. Malik MD
S. Acharya MD

Illness Severity and Potentially Avoidable Readmission of Skilled Nursing Facility Patients: Do the Same Criteria Apply Now as a Decade Ago?

T. Dhansew DO
D. Siskind MD
E. Burns MD
P. Solomon MD
A. Burns MA

Impact of Donor, Recipient, and Graft Characteristics on Corneal Transplantation Outcomes

P. Shah BA
A. Hasan MD
J. Winokur MD
D. Ritterband MD
J. Seedor MD
I. Mehta DO

Iron Deficiency Anemia and Heart Failure: A Novel Quality Improvement Project

H. Hmoud MD
M. Indaram DO
R. Smoller DO
K. Smith DO
R. Telis BS, PharmD, BCPS
L. R. Cui MD
N. Ilyas MD
A. Bhandary MD, FACC

MFG-E8-Mediated Phagocytosis of eCIRP Dampens Sepsis in Mice

C. Nofi DO, MBA, MSc
M. Aziz PhD
P. Wang MD

Pancreatic Cancer Patient-Derived Organoids Accurately Predict Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

L. Demyan MD
A. Habowski PhD
D. Plenker PhD
D. King MD
O. Standring MD
C. Tsang BS
L. St. Surin
A. Rishi MD
J. M. Crawford MD
J. Boyd MD
S. Pasha MBBS
H. Patel
Z. Galluzzo BS
C. Metz MD
P. K. Gregersen MD
S. Fox BA
C. Valente
S. Abadali
S. Matadial-Ragoo
D. DePeralta MD
G. B. Deutsch MD
J. M. Herman MD
M. A. Talamini MD
D. A. Tuveson MD, PhD
M. J. Weiss MD, MBA

Potential Role for Observation in Small, Localized Solid Pseudopapillary Endocrine Neoplasia

O. Standring MD
S. Benitez Sanchez
S. Pasha
L. Demyan
N. Lad
S. Ruff
S. Anatha
M. Kuncewitch
E. Newman
G. Deutsch
W. Nealon
M. Weiss
D. DePeralta

Racial Disparity in the Rates of Cesarean Deliveries in Pregnancies Conceived Via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

L. Bar-El MD
A. Yeshua MD
Y. Eliner MD
F. Chervenak MD
E. Bornstein MD

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy versus Elective Node Dissection in Stage cT1-2N0 Oral Cavity Cancer

M. I. Saleem BS, co-first author
T. Tham MD, co-first author
T. Peng BS
D. Zhu BS
A. Wong BS
L. M. Pereira MD

Sex, Chronic Kidney Disease, Body Mass Index and Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: The Obesity Paradox Strikes Again?

T. Bimal MD
M. Refayat Bhuiyan DO
J. Fishbein MPH
P. Gandotra MD
S. Selim MD
L. Ong MD
L. Gruberg MD

The Central Vein Sign: A Biomarker for Demyelination When All Else Fails

P. Koul MD
Z. Lodato BS
A. Patel MD

The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Pediatric Critical Care Fellowship Training

L. Silver MD
A. Kessel MD
C. Taurassi MD
M. Taylor MD

The Impact of a Harm Reduction Training on First Year Medical Student Attitudes Regarding Opioid Use and Comfort with Naloxone Administration

T. Valerio BA
P. Subramanian BA
H. Minkus BS
N. J. Favazza BS
M. Buzzell BA
M. Burlingame BA
L. Harrison MPH
S. Butkus MS
S. Kapoor MD, MS-HPPL

The Impact of Clinical Presentation on Clinical Outcomes and Major Bleeding Complications in ESRD Patients Undergoing PCI

U. Ansari MD
T. Bimal MD
M. Refayat Bhuiyan DO
A. S. Miele MA
G. D. Haggerty MD
P. Gandotra MD
S. Selim MD
L. Ong MD
L. Gruberg MD

The Utility of TRPS1 Immunohistochemistry in Diagnosis of Breast Carcinoma in Cytology Specimens

N. Yurtsever MD
M. Abdelwahed MD
D. Savant MD
P. Karam MD
C. Gimenez MD
K. Das MD
S. Sheik-Fayyaz MD
S. Khutti MD

Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis in a Neonate with Variant of Unknown Significance for Haile-Haile Disease

D. Lewis MD
A. Cummings DO
S. Shaigany MD
S. Dial MD
L. Glater MD
L. Siegel MD
M. Taylor MD

Using MEWS to Improve Inpatient Rest

L. Hill-Civil MSN, RN, PCCN