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Wednesday, June 5th

Exposure To Radiation Impairs Macrophage Bacterial Phagocytosis Via eCIRP

S. Yamaga MD, PhD
A. Murao MD, PhD
M. Zhou MD
M. Brenner MD, PhD
M. Aziz PhD
P. Wang MD

Nano-Semiconductor Fibers in a Compression Sleeve Accelerates Healing of Achilles Tendon Injury in a Rat Model

E. Neufeld MD
J. Xavier BS
P. Swami BS
H. Liang MD
H. F. Andriamifidy BS
D. Grande PhD
J. Paci MD
K. Zaslav MD

Opsonic Peptide MOP3 Reduces Inflammation and Injury After Mesenteric Ischemia/Reperfusion

R. Hollis MD, MBA
J. Li
Y. Lee
H. Jin
M. Zhou
M. Sfakianos
M. Aziz PhD
G. Coppa
P. Wang MD