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Wednesday, June 5th

An AI-Assisted Navigation Approach for Patients with Radiographic Suspicion of New Pancreas Cancer

K. John BS
J. Tenner BA
R. Croocks MBA
M. Perez BA
T. McEvoy MHA
T. Zavadsky NP
K. Beyer MBA
R. Mercieca MBA
S. Nadella MD
A. Carvino BS
M. Barish MD
D. A. King MD

Individual Vagus Nerve Sensory Neurons Respond in a Cytokine-Specific Manner

A. C. Chen BS
T. S. Huerta PhD
S. Chaudhry BS
E. H. Chang PhD

Influence of Preoperative Motor Score on Transcranial MEP Acquisition in Intracranial Surgery

A. C. Chen BS
H. A. Shah BS
R. S. D’Amico MD
J. W. Silverstein DHSc

Longer Duration of Silicone Oil Tamponade May Improve Ophthalmic Outcomes After Silicone Oil Removal

G. Jiao MD
P. Shah BA
E. P. Shakin MD
J. G. Lee MD
P. J. Ferrone MD
D. Y. Rhee MD
J. M. Romero MD
B. J. Rosenblatt MD
K. B. Graham MD
J. Lin MD

Machine Learning Methods in Classification of Prolonged Radiation Therapy in Oropharyngeal Cancer

A. H. Kim BA, co-first author
M. I. Saleem BS, co-first author
S. Ahn PhD
E. J. Oh PhD
T. Tham MD

Unraveling Spinal Pathology: Gene Expression in Paralumbar Tissue

T. Foster BS
A. Maity BS
P. Swami MS
D. Grande PhD
H. Lang MD
S. Virk MD