2024 Award Winning Posters

These three posters were determined to represent the highest quality work of all the posters submitted this year. Congratulations to the teams that worked on these projects! We're so proud of you and all the contributors to the 2024 Academic Day.

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Saturday, April 13th
12:00 AM

*1st Place Winner* Accuracy of Early Random Serum Drug Concentration Levels on Vancomycin Dosing Recommendations in Bayesian Kinetic Modeling

Joseph D’Antonio PharmD, Northwell
Brenden Van Slyke PharmD, Northwell
JoMarie Yazak RPh, Northwell
Fatema Lukmanji PharmD, Northwell
Michael Huang MD, Northwell

12:00 AM

*2nd Place Winner* Continuous Glucose Monitoring in the Inpatient Setting: An Observational Study

Labiba Bhuiyan DO, Northwell
Edwin Lee MD, Northwell
Mitul Patel DO, Northwell
Michael Schaefer MD, FACE, Northwell

12:00 AM

*3rd Place Winner* Should Lyme Disease be Screened for in an Endemic Area?

Ioannis Babatsikos MD, Northwell
Sarah Markland DO, Northwell
Sarika Hira DO, Northwell
Christopher Riis DO, Northwell
Evan Nadal DO, Northwell

12:00 AM