Rechallenging Recurrent Glioblastoma with Intra-Arterial Bevacizumab with Blood Brain–Barrier Disruption Results in Radiographic Response

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World Neurosurg


© 2019 Elsevier Inc. Background: High-dose bevacizumab delivered via super selective intra-arterial cerebral infusion (SIACI) is one promising clinical trial combination for patients with glioblastoma (GBM). Although both continuous intravenous and intra-arterial administration of bevacizumab, and rechallenge with intravenous bevacizumab, have demonstrated improved survival, this is the first description of rechallenging GBM with SIACI of bevacizumab. Case Description: We report a case of a 43-year-old woman with recurrent GBM who had received treatment from 3 clinical trials, including a rechallenge with SIACI of bevacizumab. First, she enrolled into a phase I/II trial for patients newly diagnosed with GBM (NCT01811498) and received 3 doses of SIACI bevacizumab over 180 days in addition to standard of care chemotherapy and radiation. Following progression, as indicated on her magnetic resonance imaging scan, she consented for a separate clinical trial for her disease and received 2 cycles of temozolomide with an investigational agent. The patient was removed from the study on tumor progression. Subsequently, she was rechallenged with SIACI of bevacizumab via a third clinical trial (NCT01269853) and then completed 3 intravenous infusions. After completing the third trial, her magnetic resonance imaging scan demonstrated improvement based on Response Assessment In Neuro-Oncology criteria. Conclusions: This is the first report to highlight the effect of rechallenging a patient with SIACI of bevacizumab following disease progression after initial bevacizumab treatment and subsequent alternate clinical trial failure. There is a need to conduct further clinical trials to evaluate the benefits of rechallenge with SIACI versus intravenous bevacizumab for GBM and further explore theories of bevacizumab resistance.

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