Evaluating learning curves and competence in colorectal endoscopic mucosal resection among advanced endoscopy fellows: a pilot multicenter prospective trial using cumulative sum analysis.

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Gastrointest Endosc


BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Data on colorectal endoscopic mucosal resection (C-EMR) training are lacking. We aimed to evaluate C-EMR training among advanced endoscopy fellows (AEFs) by using a standardized assessment tool (STAT). METHODS:Multicenter prospective study using the STAT to grade AEFs training in C-EMR during their 12-month fellowship. Cumulative sum analysis was used to establish learning curves and competence for cognitive and technical components of C-EMR and overall performance. Sensitivity analysis was performed by varying failure rates. AEFs completed a self-assessment questionnaire to assess their comfort level with performing C-EMR at the completion of their fellowship. RESULTS:Six AEFs (189 C-EMRs; mean 31.5±18.5 per AEF) were included. Mean polyp size and procedure time were 24.3±12.6 mm and 22.6±16.1 minutes, respectively. Learning curve analyses revealed that less than 50% of AEFs achieved competence for key cognitive and technical C-EMR endpoints. All six AEFs reported feeling comfortable performing C-EMR independently at the end of their training, although only 2 of them achieved competence in their overall performance. The minimum threshold to achieve competence in these 2 AEFs was 25 C-EMRs. CONCLUSION:A relatively low proportion of AEFs achieved competence on key cognitive and technical aspects of C-EMR during their 12-month fellowship. The relative low number of C-EMRs performed by AEFs may be insufficient to achieve competence, in spite of their self-reported readiness for independent practice. This pilot data serves as an initial framework for competence thresholds, and suggests the need for validated tools for formal C-EMR training assessment.

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