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© 2021 Elsevier Inc. Background: Since the reopening of ambulatory centers, minimal data has been reported regarding positive tests among patients undergoing ambulatory procedures, associated delays in care, and outcomes of patients previously positive for coronavirus disease 2019. Methods: A retrospective observational case series of ambulatory procedures was performed. Records since the reopening of ambulatory centers in New York were searched for patients with positive coronavirus disease 2019 nasal swab results who underwent ambulatory procedures. Chart reviews were conducted to determine coronavirus disease history and hospitalizations, demographic information, procedure details, and 30-day admissions. Results: A total of 3,762 patients underwent ambulatory procedures. Of those, 53 were previously diagnosed with coronavirus disease 2019 but recovered and tested negative at preprocedural testing. Of the 3,709 asymptomatic patients, 37 (1.00%) tested positive during preprocedural testing; 21 patients had their procedures delayed on average 28.6 days until testing negative, while 16 had their procedures performed before testing negative owing to the time sensitivity of the procedure. There were no major complications or 30-day admissions in any of these asymptomatic patients. Three patients tested positive for coronavirus disease after having an ambulatory procedure. Conclusion: Positive tests in asymptomatic patients led to procedure delays of 28.6 days. No patients who underwent ambulatory procedures after a positive coronavirus disease 2019 test had any coronavirus disease-related complications, regardless of whether or not the procedure was delayed until testing negative. Three patients tested positive for coronavirus disease 2019 after having an ambulatory procedure; however, at an average of 19.7 days after, these cases were likely community acquired making the rate of nosocomial infection negligible.

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