Honored Posters

At the 2022 Academic Research Symposium on May 24, 2022, three posters received an Honorable Mention award, and one poster received the Top Honor distinction. Congratulations to the authors and presenters of the honored posters!

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Thursday, May 5th
12:00 AM

*Top Honor Award* Evaluation of emergency room prescribing practices for patients with urinary tract infections

Almas Hussain PharmD
Christine Garibotto PharmD
Jessica Morales PharmD

12:00 AM

*Honorable Mention Award* Transfusion as a predictive factor of ventilation and pulmonary complications in pediatric cardiopulmonary bypass surgery: Study to identify patient who are at risk

Mohamed Awad MD
Anand Kumar MD
Denis Nankervis DO
John Davis MD

12:00 AM

*Honorable Mention Award* Influence of Digital Resources on an Emergency Medicine Residency Program’s Recruitment during a Virtual Interview Season

Kevin Liu MD
Daniel Frank MD
Andrew Mastanduono MD
Debby Yanes MD
Empress Helwig BS
Harrindra Seepersaud DrPH
Richard Thomesen BS

12:00 AM

*Honorable Mention Award* An Innovative Three-Dimensional Pelvic Model For Improving Education on Pelvic Organ Prolapse and the Pelvic Organ Prolapse-Quantification System

Alexandra L. Goodwin, MD
Sean C. Trahan, MS
Allison E. Neuwirth, MEM
Kristen Demertzis, PhD, ABPP-CN
Peter Finamore MD, MA, FACOG
Danielle O’Shaughnessy MD

12:00 AM