Submissions from 2017


Neuropsychological Test Performance to Enhance Identification of Subjects at Clinical High Risk for Psychosis and to Be Most Promising for Predictive Algorithms for Conversion to Psychosis: A Meta-Analysis, M. Hauser, J.P. Zhang, e. M. Sheridan, K. E. Burdick, R. Mogil, J. M. Kane, A. Auther, R. E. Carrion, B. A. Cornblatt, and C. U. Correll

Submissions from 2016


The Role of B cells in Multiple Sclerosis: More Than Antibodies, M. Funaro, M. Messina, M. Shabbir, P. Wright, S. Najjar, I. Tabansky, and J. N.H. Stern

Submissions from 2015


Not for industry only: medical students and office-based academic detailing the PIVOT (Pregnant women Influenza Vaccine Optimization Team) initiative, D. A. Blitz, J. R. Mallen, T. G. Kwiatkowski, J. M. Rabin, Y. D. Dlugacz, and R. A. Silverman


Advancing drug delivery systems for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, I. Tabansky, M. D. Messina, C. Bangeranye, J. Goldstein, K. M. Blitz-Shabbir, S. Machado, V. Jeganathan, P. Wright, S. Najjar MD, Y. Cao, W. Sands, D. B. Keskin, and J. N.H. Stern