Submissions from 2015


Selective Impairment of Spatial Cognition Caused by Autoantibodies to the N-Methyl-d-Aspartate Receptor, E. H. Chang, B. T. Volpe, M. Mackay, C. Aranow, C. Kowal, P. Mattis, R. Berlin, S. Mader, T. S. Huerta, P. T. Huerta, B. Diamond, and +3 additional authors


Human Radiation Dosimetry for the N-Methyl-D-Aspartate Receptor Radioligand C-11-CNS5161, V. Dhawan, W. Robeson, D. Bjelke, T. Chaly, K. Graf, M. Hellman, L. M. Zhuo, M. Mackay, and D. Eidelberg


Reply to: Nasal endoscopy to characterize sinonasal disease, A. E. Dixon, M. Castro, R. I. Cohen, L. B. Gerald, J. T. Holbrook, C. G. Irvin, S. Mohapatra, S. P. Peters, S. Rayapudi, R. A. Wise, and +1 additional author